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We are a cohesive team focusing on business process automation.

Why are we in business?

Founded in 2006, Starlight Consultants, LLC is focused on providing successful technology solutions that drive businesses forward. Our PROFESSIONAL TEAM brings the highest standards of client service excellence, creating CRM and integrated software solutions to run businesses more efficiently. From new installations to ongoing enhancements, Starlight Consultants is committed to providing innovative solutions and guidance to its strong repeat-business customer base.

Starlight enables your organization to automate business processes with the latest capabilities in the cloud. We take on the hard problems and succeed where others find it cannot be done. Our team has experience integrating Salesforce with third-party and custom-built solutions. Even if other developers have deemed a task impossible, Starlight gives you the ability to say “Yes”, to your clients.

 Our partnership with salesforce.com and other industry leaders provides us with today’s cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to help small and medium-sized organizations automate business processes with the latest capabilities.

Starlight Consultants is based in Littleton, CO, focuses on the Denver Metro Area, and serves clients across the United States and Canada.

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We specialize in the design and development