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Why We Use CRM?

I love my business. I get to meet with so many different people, all with varied needs and obstacles. Listening, I learn so much about how real businesses operate, thrive, and struggle. Some have it all figured out, at least until we start digging. Others know where they need help, just not where the solution […]

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What is CRM?

Those that have heard me talk about Customer Relationship Management know that I am not a big fan of the name. It doesn’t seem to convey much more than its counterpart – Contact Management. Contact Management (CM) solutions are primarily sales automation tools allowing organizations to manage contacts, accounts, and sales opportunities more efficiently. Customer […]

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Our Three Main Initiatives

MAKING CRM WORK FOR EVERYONE Now is the time to get started. No budget? No experience? No excuses! Starlight is here to help step by step. Our goal is to help all our friends and local companies start using CRM – whether in a free edition to get up and running, or in a world […]

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